Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Twelve Reasons To Write (& A Giveaway!)

'It is important for us to journal or to create or give voice to the things that we're even afraid to think about.' 

A few days ago I received the loveliest surprise in the mail, a journal adorned with the quote, 'Think In Magic.' I've been battling with creative block for awhile now & it was just the piece of inspiration I needed to start writing again. 
Why and how you should start expressing your creativity through writing.
I've loved writing for as long as I can remember. A notebook and a pen became best friends to me when I was a little girl. I still have journals I wrote in when I was six years old documenting memories like a day spent with my best friend and what my first grade teacher was like. Today my journal is filled with stories about people who have touched me, memories I'll cherish forever, inspirational quotes, lyrics, polaroids, ticket will probably find a piece of every single thing that has ever had meaning to me in my journal.  

The first page of this gift is filled with lyrics of a new song called 'In My Locket.' It's about a moment you share with someone that seems like it could be straight out of a movie - absolutely everything about it is perfect. The last line of the chorus says: 'It was a moment full of promise. It was a picture to keep in my locket.'
Why and how you should start expressing your creativity through writing.
Because it has brought so much joy to me, I hope that I can inspire you to write - whether it's a letter to a friend, a journal entry, a list of goals, or a few words about a loved one, I'm convinced writing is magic 

Twelve Reasons To Write: 
1. When you're writing, it feels like you're having a conversation with your best friend.
2. It gives you the opportunity to let your mind wander & relax.
3. It's a beautiful way to express yourself.
4. You can keep your writings private, locked away for a rainy day.
5. It's a lovely way to leave your legacy. 
6. It's a wonderful way to document your opinions & experiences.
7. It helps you destress!
8. You'll get to know yourself better.
9. It is an excellent way to organize your thoughts & ideas.
10. You'll have a tangible creation that came from your heart. 
11. It's a fun way to challenge yourself.
12. You can inspire others with your story.
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