Monday, September 5, 2016

Bittersweet Goodbyes

Albion Fit SwimsuitAs summer comes to a close, I'm reminded that I've never been particularly good at goodbyes. The word "goodbye" has always seemed so permanent to me. As if the wave of a hand signifies farewell for always. I suppose that's why I love writing so much: even when you have to say goodbye to a magical moment in time, you can always revisit it.

This summer has been filled with countless magical moments. I spent afternoons in the sunshine, recorded music, turned twenty-four...I sang in the car at the top of my lungs with my sister, wrote letters, had 80s movie marathons, and laughed until I couldn't breathe with loved ones. I filled the pages of my journal with memories I'll cherish  f o r e v e r. To celebrate the last precious moments of this season, I spent an afternoon at the beach. It couldn't have been dreamier.
Summertime In California
Although growing up, the beach was just minutes away, I'm always in awe when I visit. There's nothing quite like the ocean breeze or the way the sunlight hits the waves. Such a simple escape. This afternoon was particularly beautiful because although I spent it celebrating the last moments of summer, I could feel a familiar change in the air that only autumn brings.
Albion Fit Swimsuit
Despite visiting the beach during the last week before school is back in session, it seemed like no one else was at the cove. Nothing but the sound of crashing waves and quiet thoughts. I wore my favorite Albion Fit swimsuit as I have nearly all season - I absolutely fell in love as soon as I received it and made some of my favorite summer memories while wearing it.
As I stood before the shore, reflecting on the memory of this summer, I recalled a quote I recently came across: "The person you think of when you stand in front of the ocean." I realized everyone must have one. Whether it be your mother, your best friend, the love of your life, someone you've had to say goodbye to, or even a soul you've only dreamed of - everyone has a name or face that comes to mind when they watch the waves roll in.
The afternoon came to a close with a visit to Urth Caffe (if you are in California you must go!) I couldn't help but order a vanilla latte - my very first taste of autumn this year. The last days of August were bittersweet but as I wave goodbye to this season, something tells me it is not farewell for always.
Saying Goodbye To Summer
On the first day of September, my morning journal entry turned into a letter addressed to this summer. As I wrote, the word "goodbye" seemed less permanent than it ever has. I knew the pages of my journal would forever hold these special moments in time and that I may revisit them as often as I'd like.

With autumn arriving in just a few weeks, my heart is full of contentment and excitement. If fall brings even of a fraction of the joy summer did, I expect I'll be writing all about it - and sharing it with you of course ❤️

What was your favorite memory this summer? I would love to hear!

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