Monday, February 13, 2017

What My Heart Beats For | No. 2

valentines day

Hello friend! You may recall I introduced a new post series last month titled, "What My Heart Beats For." As it is the month of February & Valentine's Day is tomorrow (!!!), I'm particularly excited to share what I've been loving lately. 

What My Heart Beats For

1. Thrift stores. I recently went thrift shopping downtown with my little sister and good friend  - we came upon SO many nostalgic treasures! That afternoon is easily one of my favorite 2017 memories so far.
2. Sugarfina candies (especially this time of year). 
3. Z: The Beginning Of Everything. I watched every episode of this series on Amazon and was so mesmerized by Zelda Fitzgerald's glamour and strong will. 
4. The Best of Mandy Moore album. There's not much more I can say. 
5. Kisses in the rain. 
6. Moments in life that feel as though they came right out of a movie. 
7. Meeting for coffee. 
8. The feeling of finding the perfect gift for someone.
9. Red lipstick. 
10. Valentine's Day of course! ❤️

valentines day

I would love to hear what your heart has been beating for lately. Wishing you the most magical Valentine's Day!


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Be My Valentine

valentines day giveaway
Oh February, you're finally here! For as long as I can remember, February has always been my favorite month...admittedly due to the arrival of Valentine's Day. As a hopeless romantic, my heart always lights up during the time of year when heart-shaped everything is everywhere and I have a viable excuse to celebrate  l o v e.

February makes me nostalgic for the days I would bring a shoe box to school to adorn with glitter and fill with sweet cards from my classmates. It takes me back the porch step of my first boyfriend's house where he gave me my very first real Valentine's gift, the sweetest little teddy bear that made my teenage heart skip a beat. It makes me think of the people I adore most. But most of all, it makes me excited to think of ways I can make their 14th of February a little sweeter.

valentines day giveaway
Over the years, I've found most of us have strong feelings about Valentine's Day. Some allow this holiday to make them feel sad if they aren't in love while others make extravagant plans with their loved ones. I've come to realize the reason I adore Valentine's Day so much is because I've never associated it with an expectation of any kind. I love this day because it gives me an excuse to celebrate all kinds of love. 

That being said, I've been so enjoying browsing through Valentine's cards and picking out favorites for those I adore as well as the lovely people who have sent sweet notes to my P.O. Box! I can't wait to send them out, celebrate, and make memories this 14th of February.

What do you love most about Valentine's Day? Share your favorite thing about this holiday to be entered to win the adorable "P.S. I love you" trinket dish pictured above ❤️


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