Sunday, April 9, 2017

It's Still You EP - Out Now + GIVEAWAY!

it's still you ep hayley solano
I'm so thrilled to announce my first EP, "It's Still You" is out now!

It’s Still You is a small collection of songs that tell the story of how it feels when your heart relentlessly pulls you back to the same person. It’s a peek into the pages of my diary, a glimpse of my dearest memories, and a piece of my heart. 
As I reflect on the creation process of these songs - from the very first sparks that flew to the days I spent in the recording studio last summer - I’ve come to realize something I’ll never forget: 

Whether we’re on cloud nine or longing for the courage to tell someone we love them, we’re supposed to feel the way we feel. There’s no use in being afraid of what our hearts tell us. 

I hope these songs remind you of the things in life you simply couldn't live without, the ones that still make your heart light up after all this time. I hope you're reminded to cherish and celebrate those special things because one day you might wake up wishing you had. But most of all, I hope these songs inspire you to have the courage to listen to what your heart tells you. ❤️ 
Listen: Spotify |  Apple Music |  iTunes

Let me know if you're listening! Leave a comment with your favorite song off the EP to be entered to win a physical copy :)


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